30th May, 2020
Dear Chaitrali,
     Hope you are well,
         I am sharing my thoughts about Sahyadri group. I am glad to be part of this group. I love to work as a volunteer for Reader’s club. I was really worried when I came from India thinking how will be my social life. Then, I became one of the member of Sahyadri group. I started involving in various activities organized by group. I felt happy by keeping stalls in the events.  First time I went Facebook live with my daughter about telling the story. It was a great experience. Also, my daughter involved in performing magic show in the event. Sahyadri group will gives an opportunity to everyone to express their talents. And also Sahyadri group is helping housewives and others who are in search of suitable jobs by organising confidence building and self esteem sessions. Thanks to Chaitrali and team members for encouraging and supporting us.  I really appreciate the Sahyadri group and continue their work and support all.
Thanks and Regards,

Dr. Manjit Rehal

23rd May, 2020

Dear Chaitrali and all Sahyadri team

I have been privileged to work with you for many years as a professional and  I am delighted to be one of your members of WhatsApp as well as Facebook community.
I am impressed with your team spirit, innovative ideas and keeping community together and as much positive as especially during these unprecedented circumstances, as we all know it’s important for us all to keep in touch, now more than ever. You have kept all community not only Coventry but nearby cities together and engaged with absolutely innovative ideas virtual meetings and meeting some of the isolated families needs. You are an amazing bunch of people.
Again, I am speechless when I found out that  your team  constantly monitor the group rules and keeping all participants  up-to-date with govt legislation comply with GDPR during the lockdown selflessly. I have never seen any informal groups keeping boundaries and equal opportunities without any reservation or judgement.
 I really enjoy reading your posts and occasionally  posting answers where I feel I can add something useful.  I participated lots of the activities especially learning Bollywood dance, I had no idea of how to dance before, now I can say I have learnt and still learning to dance each week all completely free with the best tutor facilitator.
 I am very much impressed by  the activities and competitions especially organised for children and  their physical, emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing. 
I found through my workshops and in general all participants are enthusiastic, keen to learn, have  collaboration of ideas and always willing to give back to community, they are  using their skills and coming forward to provide cooking, clay modelling  these are some examples of  workshops. I cant say enough how successful and over subscribe almost all activities.
I wish all the best for team Sahyadri especially Chaitrali who is always full of energy and willing to help the community. She has made lots of peoples lives 
easier during the time of confusion and anxieties. 
My thanks to all contributors and of course, Chaitrali for your excellent service for the community. 
Warm wishes 

Krupa S B
21st May, 2020
Dear Chaitrali,
I am glad to be a part of Sahyadri. An amazing group with multi talented people and ready to help each other always. It brings people from different cultural and religious background together to celebrate festivals and numerous events. The events organised for both adults and kids.
I was indeed lucky to be a part of the programme conducted by High Life centre with Sahyadri. It boosted confidence for us to try for jobs after a really long gap.
The team Sahyadri is being lead by Chaitrali, an amazing person to know. She carries so much of positivity around her that we just get carried away with that positivity in us. I am glad I got to know her.
Thank you team Sahyadri and Chaitrali for all the support. Blessed to be a part of this team.

Sonam Jaju
21st May, 2020
I had heard a lot about Sahyadri and their fun-filled events and in Jan 2020 I finally got a chance to attend their awesome Makar Sankranti event.I met Chaitrali for the first time then ,cheerful personality that she was very welcoming!
From then on, there has been no looking back!
As a volunteer :
Volunteering for Sahyadri was very easy, there was no commitment and they made sure at every step i was comfortable doing so.I was given the opportunity of conducting online dance and craft sessions and it was a great chance to display my talent!My ideas were listened to and always encouraged!In no time I became acquainted with so many wonderful people .Its just been 4 months i have joined Sahyadri but the experience is truly rewarding!
As a member :
The efforts team Sahyadri takes for all their members is truly commendable.i was enjoying all of their events like Antakshari to the fullest and then lockdown happened.They kept checking on our health and safety all through the lockdown.I thought it will be long boring months now but again Sahyadri came up with a brilliant idea of wonderful online events! Every week full packed with exciting events from cooking to singing which i throughly enjoy and look forward to!
So happy to be a part of Team Sahyadri and looking forward to all wonderful times together!

20th May, 2020
This group did a lot of online activities during these challenging times, which inspired a lot of creativity in parents and kids. There are such talented women in the group. It’s truly inspiring.


October 14, 2019
“Really Sahyadri group is an amazing bunch of people who keep going whether its chilly cold weather or hot summer , they have events on all occasions, with Sahyadri, one cannot be alone in Coventry, Special thanks and admiration to Chaitrali , she is a Gem. A vibrant smiling lady with greater capacity to impact people, her leadership in positive light: is able to influence people, we will always look for more events to cherish and remain as memories in our life”

Meena Verma

October 14, 2019
“Happy birthday to Sahyadri Group. Feeling glad and proud to be part of this group. Special thanks to Chaitrali and many many thanks to all volunteers. It’s like mini India in UK and my daughter is always enthusiastically waiting for all activities of Sahyadri. We never feel alone in UK from last year, it’s like our family. May God bless this group with all prosperity and success.”

Shweta jain

October 14, 2019
“Chaitrali and group..makes every individual feel .home away home..
Happy birthday to Sahyadri group.. Though I am not in UK but few moments of events even I carry life time…wish you all great luck and family happiness.”

Kadambari Kale 

October 14, 2019

Thanku so much Chaitrali, because of you this all happened….love you lots. love you all my Sahyadri friends. Always with you Lots of wishes to our Sahyadri team. hip hip hurray….. happy to be a part of this group”