Sahyadri Friends Group, founded in 2016, is the diverse mix of about 250 Indian families with a passion to respect the differences and celebrate the diversities. Sahyadri is a melting pot where families from different parts of India with different cultural and religious backgrounds come together to unite as one big family, helping one another making Coventry a home away from home.

We at Sahyadri, are proud of our achievements; within a span fewer than 3 years, we have had the honour to be on the Coventry map for all our events and activities focused towards emotional wellbeing and mental health of our members. We bring the community together and provide a platform not only to the women of our group but also put the children on a pedestal.

We initially started our events at the Central Library, but now have grown to include Foleshill Library, Cheylesmore Library and Willenhall Library. We conduct workshops, coffee mornings for women where they interact with each other, make friends, share their thoughts, discuss problems and find happiness.

We collaborate activities with groups such as Positive Images Festival, Coventry Libraries, CRASAC, Langar Aid, Shoot Festival, Godiva Lions to name a few and our group members volunteer at major events across Coventry for Positive Images Festival.

Sahyadri has created major events, celebrating prominent festivals of India such as The Ganesh Festival, Diwali (Festival of lights), Holi (Festival of Colours) and Navratri to name a few. Families, especially women, look forward to participating in these events. Moreover, we plan, organise and execute more than 30 events in a calendar year targeting women and their families.